More Education...Less God?

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research says the more education a person has the less likely they are to be religious.

The report states that with every year of education a person's likelihood of not being associated with any religion grows by 4%.

In 1971, only 5% of people in America claimed no religious affiliation.  By the year 2001, this had risen to 16%.  This coincided with an average of 2.1 years of educational gain.

What is the real reason for this trend?  I propose it is because we have taken God out of our education system.

He is the source of all wisdom and truth.  Without this as the foundation for our education, the natural result is the secularization of the next generation.

As a children's ministry leader, your job is vital in teaching kids the true source of all knowledge.

In many cases, you only have a few hours on a Sunday compared to the dozens of hours kids sit in a classroom that doesn't acknowledge God.  Make the time count.  Truth brought to light expels darkness.