Why Parent Ministry is more important than children's Ministry

The Millennials are the young parents who are emerging in your ministry.

There is much to be concerned about as we seek to reach this next generation of parents and their children.

The Millennials (born roughly from 1980-2000) look very different from previous generations when it comes to marriage and parenthood.
  • 86 percent of births to women ages 18-19 are out of wedlock.
  • 65 percent of births to women ages 20-24 are out of wedlock.
  • It's likely that a smaller percentage of Millennials will marry than in any generation before them. 
It has been proven that children who grow up in a stable home with parents who are married fare much better than children who do not.

As we enter the next 5 years of ministry, I believe that parent ministry is the key to reaching the next generation of kids.

  • No one has more influence in a child's life than his or her parents. 
  • What happens at home outweighs what happens at church.
  •  Spiritually healthy parents translates to spiritually healthy kids.
  • Focus on programs and events that allow you to disciple kids and parents together. 
  • Speak the truth in love.  If you are reaching your community, you will have many parents coming to your church who are living together unmarried.  Love them.  Give them room to belong before they believe and then give them the tools they need to behave after they have believed.
  • Create milestones at significant times in families' lives such as child dedication, baptism, graduation, etc.  There are times when parents are open to help and instruction.  
  • Partner with adult ministries.  Work hand-in-hand to reach and disciple parents. 
What a tremendous opportunity we have to reach a new generation of parents and their kids.  God is going to do great things through your ministry to impact these families.

And remember...when you reach a child, you change a life.  When you reach the parents, you change the entire family.