The Horrific Face of Islam...Murdering Kids in Iraq

My heart has been broken since hearing about the atrocities against children that are being carried out by Muslim extremists in Iraq.

Reports are revealing that Christians are being targeted and murdered...including children.  Christian families are being told to convert to Islam or be killed. 

At a park in Mosul, the heads of children who were murdered were placed on sticks and displayed in a public park.

There are pictures at this link of the atrocities against the children of Iraq.  Warning.  The pictures are extremely graphic.  Please view with discretion.  

Please join me in praying....
  1. For protection for the Christian kids and families in Iraq.
  2. That this will be stopped and the perpetrators will be brought to justice.
  3. That Muslims will turn from the false, evil religion called Islam and find the truth through Christ.