What to Do If Your Children's Ministry is Stuck in a Rut

Is your ministry stuck in a rut?  Attendance flat?  Vision a word you once talked about?  Volunteers just going through the motions?  Baptistry is dry?  Very few guests walking through the doors?

We all hit ruts in the road.  The key is knowing how to get out.  Here's how...

Fix any glaring problems.
Take a step back and look at your ministry.  When did you lose your momentum?  What caused it?  Where are you weak?

Focus on solutions.
Take one problem at a time and focus on how you can solve it.  Set very clear action steps and goals that will get you there.

Fresh eyes.
Many times you can't see the issues because you're so close to the ministry.  Invite someone from the outside to come in and evaluate your ministry.  They will be able to see things you cannot.

Fear of failure out the window.  
Many ministries get stuck because they're afraid of failing if they try something new.  Perhaps it's out of their comfort zone or they're afraid they'll lose some families if they try it.  Throw fear out the window.  Step out in faith and follow what God is calling you to.