20 Things I Love About Children's Ministry

The smile on a parent's face as dedicate their newborn child to the Lord.

Listening to a child pray.

Watching a child worship God in simple, sincere devotion.

Hearing a child excitedly tell their parent what they experienced during the service.

Seeing a brand new family walk through the door.

Seeing the smile on a volunteer's face when you tell them how God is using them.

Seeing a parent and child baptized together.

Hearing someone say "yes" when you ask them to join the volunteer team.

The contagious giggles of a child when you tell a them a joke and they get it.

Watching the energy of a group of 3rd grade boys in action.

Seeing God use a child to bring a whole family to faith in Christ.

Seeing a volunteer discover and walk in the gifts God has placed inside them.

Watching kids grow up and become young adults who love God.

Hearing a child say, "bababatized."

Looking in the nursery window.

Doing life with volunteers you consider family.

The good tired you feel after a big event.

Seeing a child step across the line of faith.

Listening to a child recite a Bible verse they have memorized.

Watching a father and mother pray a blessing over their child.

What do you love about Children's Ministry?  Share your favorite things with us in the comment section below.