Sep 5, 2014

Are Smartphones Hurting Kids' Social Skills?

A recent study at UCLA indicates smart phones may be limiting face to face interactions and could be hindering social skill development for kids.

The study says smartphones could be a roadblock in children's development of the ability to read emotions.

"You can't learn nonverbal emotional cues from a screen in the way you can learn it from face-to-face communication," says lead author Yalda Uhls.  "If you're not practicing face-to-face communication, you could be losing important social skills."

One thing we do know...smartphones are here to stay and they are being given to kids at younger and younger ages.

What do you think?  Are smartphones hurting kids' social skills?

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These devices are hurting adults and children alike. This preoccupation with our phones/tablets/laptops is damaging our brain functions; changing our brains/emotions and destroying the family! I asked my 4 yr. old grandson, " Wouldn't you rather go outside and play, then sit on the couch and play games on a phone?" He said, "NO!" Their young minds are being re-wired! Their bodies are not getting the exercise they need. And, worst of all, they are being ignored and learning to block out the 'real' world. This is a REAL emergency. If you have children...please, put the devices up! I am getting my new flip phone tomorrow. I am going to miss my beautiful, shiny, white Note 3. But, I am trusting that the benefits will outweigh the high I get from the internet.

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