Why Kids Are Fidgeting in Your Ministry

Do you ever wonder why so many kids in your ministry can't seem to sit still?

The underlying cause is lack of opportunities to move.  It is rare these days to find children running, climbing trees, or jumping and spinning just for fun.

Merry-go-rounds and teeter totters have disappeared from playgrounds.  Recess times have been shortened.  Children rarely play outside due to parent's fears.

It all adds up to this...children are not moving enough.

Children are made to move...a lot.  Their bodies are wired this way.  And this includes when they are at church.  But what do we do?  We see them fidgeting and we tell them to, "Sit still and be quiet!"

The fact is...we should be doing the opposite.  We should give kids plenty of opportunities to move at church.  When we do, we will see kids engaging and learning.  For more tips on this, check out this article.