Are You Going to Children's Ministry School This Fall?

I'm enrolled in Children's Ministry School this fall.  After 25 years of serving in children's ministry, I still have a ton to learn.

Here are the classes I am taking to grow as a children's ministry leader.

Books 101
I will be reading several books this fall.  They will vary from books that help me grow spiritually to books that help me learn more about ministering to kids and their parents.

Questions 101
I'll be asking lots of questions.  If you want to grow as a leader, start asking more questions than you give answers.                   

Online 101
I'll be reading blogs, websites, articles, watching videos and more.  This will help me stay current with what's happening in the world of children and families.

Connecting 101
I'll connect with other children's leaders and learn from them.

Are you enrolled in children's ministry school this fall?  Remember, growing leaders are always in school.