The New "Typical" Family

What picture comes to mind when you think of a "typical" family?

A bread-winner dad?  Stay at home mom?  Couple of kids?

Maybe 30 years ago...but not today.  There is no "typical" family.  Family structures are very complicated.  Research shows that no one dominant structure exists for families.

Kids are living in homes with married parents,  divorced mothers, never-married mothers, single fathers, grandparents, cohabiting parents, and a range of other situations.

In the 1950's, if you chose 100 children, 65 would have been living with married parents with the father employed and the mother at home.  Only 18 would have had both parents working.

Today, if you chose 100 children, just 22 would be living with married parents where the father is the bread-winner.  23 would be living with a single mother.  7 would be living with parents who are cohabiting.

6 would live with either a single father or grandparent.  34 would be living with married parents who both work.

Are you prepared to minister to today's families?