10 Children's Ministries You Should Visit and Learn From

One of the best ways to get ideas for your children's ministry is by studying other children's ministries that are getting the job done.

Conferences are great, but I believe visiting, observing and studying other children's ministries is just as helpful.  Many of the things our children's ministry does were sparked by something we saw other ministries doing successfully.

Below are 10 children's ministries that are doing a great job reaching kids and families.  In other words, they've got it going on!  They're not just talking about impacting kids, they're actually doing it.

North Point Church has been a leader in children and family ministry since it's inception in 1995.  Reggie Joiner is a pioneer in family ministry (I actually call him the godfather of family ministry) and led the team at North Point to reach thousands of kids and families.  Reggie then left to begin The ReThink Group and help other churches reach families.  Kendra Fleming and the North Point team have continued to bring innovation, leadership, and great creativity to children's and family ministry.  If you're serious about reaching families, study what North Point is doing.

Team Kid is the children's ministry of Second Baptist Church of Houston.  They are reaching thousands of kids and families in their city.  From an amazing preschool ministry to their JUMP kids' worship services, they are highly effective in reaching kids.  At Christmas, they do an incredible Christmas family show that reaches thousands of kids and parents.

Kids' Club is the children's ministry of Crossroads Church in the Cincinnati area.  The ministry is led by my friend, Kim Botto.  They are doing an amazing job reaching kids.  They are also producing some amazing resources including songs and videos.

Church on the Move has been a leader in children's ministry since it's beginning days.  Lead Pastor Willie George has always had a heart to reach kids and has used the Gospel Bill TV show to reach kids around the world.  My friend and one of my heroes in children's ministry, Jim Wideman, led the ministry there for years.  Kids on the Move continues to produce incredible worship songs, curriculum, videos and other resources you can access.

Life Church is a leader in multi-site children's ministry and is reaching kids across the country.  Their children's ministry is called Life Kids.  Life Kids produces amazing curriculum that they share with other churches for free.  Check it out here.  They are also a leader in using technology to share God's Word.  The Bible app for kids is helping thousands of kids discover God's Word.

Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas has always made children's ministry a top priority.   This is evident in their programming, facilities and staffing.  The result - they are reaching thousands of kids in the Dallas metro area.  One of my heroes in children's ministry, Sondra Saunders, led Prestonwood Kidz for decades.  Now my friend, Diane Pendley, leads the children's ministry.  She has an amazing staff and team of volunteers who are committed to reaching the next generation.  

Fellowship Church in the Dallas metro area is impacting thousands of kids each week.  My friend, Mike Johnson, leads FC Kids.  He and his team are highly creative and produce incredible resources for other churches.  They are the masterminds behind Elevation Curriculum.  And...Mike has the coolest children's ministry office on the planet.

Gateway Church is another church in the Dallas metro area that is making a huge impact.  Ken Jackson leads their children's ministry called Amazing Kids.  Amazing Kids has exploded with growth.  Not only are they impacting kids in their city, but also churches across the country through their worship songs for kids.  Check out their worship music.

Saddleback Church in California has been a national leader in children's ministries for years.  My friend, Steve Adams, leads Saddleback Kids.  Their commitment to children's ministry is reflected in everything they do.  They produce amazing curriculum and resources that impact kids' lives.  They set the bar for what children's ministry should be in the local church.

eKidz is the children's ministry of Elevation Church in the Charlotte area.  They have exploded with growth and are on the cutting edge of children's ministry.  You can access their amazing, free curriculum and resources at this site.

What are some other churches that we can learn from?  List some more for us in the comment section below.