Ebola...What to Know...What to Do

Ebola now ranks in the top 10 concerns of Americans.  1 in 5 people say they worry about getting the virus.

Among those concerned are parents.  In one city, parents took their kids out of school when they found out the teacher had visited Zambia.  And in another school, two parents refused to send their kids to school when they found out that two kids in the class had recently moved there from Rwanda...even though Rwanda is 2,600 miles from the area of the outbreak.

With this issue being in the public eye, how should children's ministries respond?  Here are a few suggestions.

Don't freak out.  Unless you have a documented case that affects your ministry, there is no need to be alarmed.  If you display a spirit of fear, the parents in your ministry will pick up on it. 

Keep things clean.  Clean and disinfect your rooms after each usage.  This includes wiping down toys, chairs, tables, doorknobs, etc.  This should already be a policy that you have in place.  It helps prevent the spread of germs, the flu, etc.

Have a child wellness policy in place and display it.  We have a child wellness policy that is displayed outside each room.

Be prepared to answer parent's questions.  Parents may come with questions.  Be informed and prepared to answer their concerns and questions.  You may receive questions like, "How do you contract Ebola?"  The answer is, "by coming in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person.  It is not spread by air, water, or food."

What steps are you taking in your children's ministry?  
Are you communicating with parents?
Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.