An Inside Look at Our Children's Ministry Staff Meetings

Strategic planning is an important part of children's ministry.  Whether you have a paid or volunteer team, it's important to get together on a regular basis and strategize about how to move the ministry forward.

I meet with our team once a week.  What do we talk about?  Here's an inside look at one of our team meetings.   I believe it's important to have a set agenda when you walk into a meeting.

  • We share personal and ministry prayer requests.  
  • We ask for God's guidance and wisdom as we meet.

  • I share either a devotional or practical teaching that will help us grow personally or in our ministry skills.
  • This is normally an overflow of what I've been personally learning.

Weekend Review and Praise Reports by area (nursery, preschool, elementary, guest services, etc.)
  • What did we see God do this past weekend?
  • What was our attendance?  Any patterns or areas of growth or concern?
  • How many first-time guests did we have?
  • What went well this past weekend?
  • What do we need to fix or adjust from this past weekend? 

This coming weekend 
  • What is happening this coming weekend
  • What prep needs to happen for this coming weekend

 Upcoming Events
  • Details and plans for upcoming events such as fall festival, baptism, parent-child dedication, etc.

Volunteer Updates
  • How many volunteers served this past weekend? 
  • How many new volunteers attended orientation and joined our team this past weekend?
  • Who did you ask to join our team this past weekend?
  • What are areas we need to focus on for more volunteers?

  • How is our budget looking? 
  • Are we tracking well?
  • Are we over or under budget in any areas?

Miscellaneous Items

Final Questions
  • What did we miss?
  • Is there anything else that you want to bring up or talk about?
  • What do you know that everyone else needs to know about?

Your turn...

How do your staff meetings look?  
How often do you meet?
What do you talk about?

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.