5 Things You Should Give Your Volunteers Every Week

Volunteers make Children's Ministry happen.  Without them, our ministries are just an empty shell.

They deserve our very best and should be a top priority.  Each week we should equip, encourage, and empower them.  Here's 5 things you should be giving your volunteers each week.

It's important to communicate with volunteers each week.  Email updates, text messages, and phone calls help them stay updated and prepared to serve when they arrive.


A Hug
If you want to keep volunteers, they must know you care about them.  They should feel like a treasure that is highly valued instead of just someone you want to fill a spot.

Thank You
65% of volunteers say they never hear those words.  Say "thank you" every single week.  And when you thank them...don't thank them for what they do...instead thank them for who they are.  Example - instead of saying "Thank you for teaching the 3rd grade class today" say "Thank you for your heart to see the next generation follow Jesus."  See the difference. 

Providing snacks for your volunteers shows them you are thinking of their needs.  Many volunteers come straight from work or skip meal time to serve.  Have the coffee ready and snacks, sandwiches, etc. available for them. 

Pray for your volunteers during the week.  Gather your volunteers together before they start serving on Sunday and ask for their prayer needs.  Take time each week to pray for the needs they share.


What are some other things we should give volunteers each week?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.