The Dawn of the Gigabit Age (And What it Means for Children's Ministry)

The age of gigabit data and connectivity is fast approaching.

A gigabit connection can deliver 1,000 megabits of information per second.  Wondering how fast that is?  Right now the average speed in the U.S. is 10.5 megabits per second.

Companies such as Google and AT&T are already in the process of building gigabit networks at various locations across the country.

So what does this mean for children's ministry?  Think about the possibilities...

Awesome apps.  The increased ability to send vast amounts of data with lightning fast speed will allow developers to take app development to a whole new level.

Children's ministry is just now scratching the surface with using apps to reach and disciple kids and families.

I believe technology leaders in children's ministry will seize the opportunity and develop new, creative apps that will help us reach kids and partner with parents.

Virtual reality.  Virtual reality environments will become even more immersive and realistic.  Think about creating virtual environments where kids can enter the great stories of the Bible like going on the ark with Noah, fighting Goliath with David, and crossing the Red Sea with Moses.

New advanced forms of social media.  Social media tools will expand and advance.  Children's ministry leaders will be able to connect with parents and volunteers in a variety of new ways.

Networking and collaborating.  The boundaries between distant locations will grow even smaller.  Online networking, collaborating, and conferences will become more popular.  Virtual meetings with people from around the world will be common place.  Skype will be ancient technology.

Holograms and virtual teachers / speakers.  Holograms are used occasionally now where advanced technology is available.  Remember this hologram of Michael Jackson performing?

The increase in data speed will bring this technology to the average person.

This will enable children's ministries to bring virtual speakers and teachers in hologram form to train volunteers or speak at conferences.  Virtual holograms of Bible characters will be available to act out or tell Bible stories to your class.  

Downloadable curriculum will continue to dig the grave of hard copy curriculum.  The ability to transfer and download curriculum that contains files, videos, music, etc. at such a fast speed will lead to the further demise of printed curriculum student and teacher books, etc.

Technology is a tool that we can use to reach and disciple kids and families for Christ.  I am praying for the people God is raising up now and will raise up to be leaders for children's ministry in this area.  I'm praying for the college student who is sitting in a dorm room right now pondering an idea he or she has for an app that will be a game-changer for children's ministry.  I'm asking God to give us creative ideas to advance the Gospel as we move into the gigabit age.

Who knows...maybe the person God will use is you.  Would love to hear your ideas, dreams, and thoughts on how we can use rapidly advancing technology to reach the next generation for Christ.  Share them with us in the comment section below so we can pray and dream with you.