Kids Love to Do This at Church...Are You Giving Them the Opportunity?

Some of the most successful digital content for kids right now are apps and programs that provide open play and creativity.

Apps like Toca Boca or Dr. Panda consistently rank in the top 5 downloaded.  Nightkeeper Zoo is another very popular app that uses digital technology to inspire kid's creativity.

All of these apps resound with kids for one reason.  They provide kids the opportunity to use their creativity.  Kids love to draw, write, invent and create.

Are you giving kids the opportunity to be creative at church?  Here's some ideas you can use to let kids do what they love.

Kids love to color.  Give them pictures of the Bible lesson and have them color it in.

Provide kids with a blank comic strip and have them draw out the Bible story they heard.

Kids love to make and assemble things.  This past weekend, we gave the kids to opportunity to make bracelets that they can wear this week to share their faith.

What are some other things you do to inspire kids creativity?  Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.