10 Questions Children's Ministry Leaders Should Be Asking

As a children's ministry leader, the questions you ask are just as important as the answers you give.

Here are 10 questions you should be asking on a regular basis.

1.  What is working well in our ministry that we need to continue doing?

2.  What is not working well in our ministry that we need to change or stop doing?

3.  How are we helping kids and families take spiritual growth steps?

4.  How many volunteers do we need and how are we going to bring them on board?

5.  How are we equipping parents to disciple their kids?

6.  What are our lids right now and how are we going to remove them?

7.  How many first-time guests are returning and how can we get more to come back?

8.  How are we equipping our volunteers?

9.  What is our volunteer turn-over rate and how can we lessen it?

10.  How can we reach more kids and families?

What are some other questions we should be asking?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.