Our Christmas Offering Strategy for Kids

Each year at Christmas we encourage the kids to give a special offering.  Here is our strategy.

We give each child an offering box (pictured above) the weekend after Thanksgiving.

We announce a Happy Birthday Jesus party that will take place right before Christmas (during weekend services).

We prepare the kids by teaching one or more lessons about the true meaning of Christmas.  We share with them that it is Jesus' birthday and we should give our best gift to Him.

We show the kids what their offering will go towards.  Kids are visual and showing them how their offering will make an impact will get them excited about giving.  You can do this through pictures or videos or in person.  An example - this year the offering was going to the Watoto Orphanage in Uganda.  We were able to have some of the kids from the orphanage come and sing live for the kids. 

On the day of the offering, we have a special place that kids can bring their offering to.  Here are a couple of examples.

After the offering, we report back and let the kids know how much they gave and how their gift is being used to make an impact.

Our kids have responded by giving thousands of dollars.  Coin by coin, dollar by dollar, they are impacting the world with the love and message of Jesus Christ.

What is your Christmas offering strategy for kids?  Share with us in the comment section below.