The Story of the Pink Bicycle

Don't you love it when God shows up with a small miracle that totally surprises you?

He did just that for a family in our church this past weekend.  I was talking with a father in the hallway before services.  He shared how he's been out of work for over a year.  He has applied for job after job after job without being hired.  They are barely scraping by.

I asked him how Christmas was going to be for his three girls.  He said they were trying to get a few things for them, but it would be scarce.  I asked what they wanted.  He mentioned one of his girls had a bike, but it had been stolen.  She has been hoping for another one but he didn't know how it would happen.  I asked him what color bike she would want if she got one and he said, "Pink."

I told him we would find a way to help them.  It was time for service to start, so he walked on toward the auditorium.

Normally I don't go and check the mail in the church mail room on a Saturday night.  But for some reason, I decided to walk down and see if we had any mail.  When I got to the mail room and opened the door, my heart skipped a beat and I got goosebumps.  Guess what was sitting there???

A brand new, PINK, girl's bicycle!!!  Before I "claimed" it for the girl and her family, I wanted to make sure it was okay.  I soon found out that someone had dropped it off earlier.  The person had said to give it to whoever needed it.

After service, I caught up with the family in the parking lot and shared the good news with them.  We brought the bike out and presented it to the girl.  She was so excited!  The dad knelt down and told her, "This bike came from Jesus."

Some would say the pink bike being there at just the right time was a coincidence.  I don't think so.  I believe it was just like dad said.  It was a small miracle that came from Jesus.

As I wrapped my arms around the family and prayed for them, my heart was filled with joy.  I prayed that this would just be the start of many blessings coming their way including dad getting just the job he needed.

And I believe it will happen, because we serve a God who loves us and sometimes reminds us with small miracles
...small miracles that look like a pink bicycle.