Jan 31, 2015

3 Meals a Day for Kids...at School?

The Associated Press reveals that there is a growing demand for schools to feed kids dinner before they come home.

The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act is a pilot program that has been developed to provide free or low-price meals after school.  As of last year, about 1 million students across the country received dinner or an after-school snack before going home.

There is debate about this.  Proponents say when kids are hungry, they don't function as well in school.  They also say providing this helps alleviate stress in families and is a benefit for them.

Opponents say expanding the welfare system is not the answer.  They say the system has failed to truly help the poor achieve self-sufficiency despite the fact that the federal government operates about a dozen programs that provide food assistance already.

What do you think?  Should the government provide 3 meals a day at school for kids who are in need?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


I realize there are children that are hungry and need to be fed however and this is a big HOWEVER, the majority of these kids also need relationships and most need their parents to develop relationships with them. If a child always eats at school what happens to family meal times? Family meal times where parent and child connect.

Especially in single parent homes where the parent has to work extended hours to make ends meet, kids need a time to connect with the parent. There is something about eating a meal together that helps develop parent child relationships. When I was a single mom there were times I didn't have enough money for food so I fed my kids but didn't eat myself.

I love the churches that have backpack buddies. This is where the church fills a backpack with food for the children at school to take home. This way parents and kids can eat at home. Maybe it's time churches went back to helping out families in their communities instead of allowing the government to do that?

Perhaps more food pantries in churches could help parents feed their children instead of the government providing prepared meals to the kids.
I was in one church where we made sure all of our single parents families got at least one free hot meal at church each Wednesday night. Parent and children sat together with other families. Then the single parents took home any of the food that was left over meaning they usually had enough nutritious food for several days. Some single parents also took home food from our food pantry each week which also supplemented their meals.

So I say all of this to respond to your question should the government provide 3 meals a day to kids who need it - only if they are providing at least one of those meals in the home and not at school or away from the home such as a child care environment.

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