The Amazing Story of the Pastor Who is Saving Hundreds of Unwanted Children

Jong-rak Lee is the pastor of a Presbyterian Church in Seoul, South Korea.  Outside his church sits a metal box called a "drop box."  It is lined with a blanket and is heated.

Why the blanket and heat?  Because each month up to 25 unwanted babies are placed in the drop box by their mothers.  It's a way to save infants from being abandoned on the streets to die.

In 2009, after a third baby was left on his doorstep, Pastor Lee decided to create the drop box.  So far, Pastor Lee has received over 650 children.  He and his wife are guardians of 17 of the children.  The others are found homes with loving parents.

In South Korea, where adoption is stigmatized and single mothers are forsaken, Pastor Lee's ministry is saving the lives of hundreds of children.

The story of Pastor Lee's incredible heart for children is documented in a movie called "The Drop Box" which will be in select theaters March 3-5.