How Well Do You Know Today's Kids? Take This Quiz to Find Out

How well do you know today's kids?

Take this quiz to find out.  Choose the answer that today's kids would choose.  You can see the answers below.

1. What is a tablet?
  • pill you take in the morning
  • electronic handheld device
2. Wiki?
  • cooperative web app
  • shuttle bus in Hawaii
3. What is a phone?
  • device that has a long, coiled wire that you wrap around your arm while talking
  • device you carry in your pocket
4. History?
  • subject in school
  • TV channel
5. GaGa?
  • singer
  • baby talk
6. Amazon?
  • river in South America
  • online store
7. Who is the green giant?
  • big guy who picks vegetables
  • Shrek
8. Madden?
  • video game
  • super bowl winning coach
9. What is mail?
  • something that comes to your inbox
  • something that comes to your mailbox
10. Cut and paste?
  • something you do with scissors and glue
  • something you do on your computer
11. Wire-rimmed glasses?
  • Harry Potter
  • John Lennon
12. When can you see cartoons?
  • Saturday morning
  • 24/7
13. Who is the star of Twilight?
  • Rod Sterling
  • vampires
14. Who is Barney?
  • Andy's assistant
  • purple dinosaur
15. Basketball star?
  • Michael
  • Lebron
16. Music?
  • CD
  • download
17. How do you get directions?
  • Google maps
  • map book
18. School blackboard?
  • smart
  • chalk
19. Taking pictures?
  • camera
  • cell phone
20. What is plasma?
  • type of TV
  • bodily fluid
1. A tablet is a handheld electronic device.
2. Wiki is a cooperative web app.
3. Phone is a device you carry in your pocket.
4. History is a TV channel.
5. GaGa is a singer.
6. Amazon is an online store.
7. Shrek is a green giant.
8. Madden is a video game.
9. Mail is something that comes to your inbox.
10. Cut and paste is something you do on your computer.
11. Harry Potter wears wire-rimmed glasses.
12. Cartoons are available 24/7.
13. Vampires are the stars of Twilight.
14. Barney is a purple dinosaur.
15. Lebron is a basketball star.
16. Music is downloaded.
17. You can use Google maps to get directions.
18. A blackboard at school is smart.
19. You take pictures with your cell phone.
20 Plasma is a type of TV.

How'd you do?  It's vital that we stay connected to the world of the kids God has called us to reach.  Just as a missionary to another country studies and learns the culture of the people group he is trying to reach, so we should be doing the same with the kids God has called us to reach.