Why Kids Love "Frozen" and What Children's Ministry Can Learn From It

Frozen...it's the highest grossing animated film of all times.

It is also the most downloaded kid movie from iTunes.  You can often hear kids singing, "Let it Go...Let it Go...Let it Go!"  Last October,  you could see kids in Elsa, Anna and Kristoff costumes at fall festivals across the country.

Disney, as usual, used their expertise in marketing and you find the characters images on clothes, toys, school supplies, lunch boxes and more.

Let's stop and think about why Frozen has resonated with kids so well.  What makes them want to watch it over and over?  What's the appeal?  Why do they connect with the characters so well?  What can we learn from this?

Recently two psychologists, Yalda Uhls with Common Sense Media and Maryam Kia-Keating with the University of California shared with CNN why Frozen was such a big hit with kids.

There is a strong family-themed message.  The story line is about the bond between two sisters.  Family ties are extremely important to kids.  It defines their world.
  • Use family relationships as examples when you teach.
  • Make equipping parents a key part of your discipleship strategy.  The more you can get families talking about the lessons at home, the more effective it will be.
It engages kids imaginations.  Kids have big imaginations and they respond well to stories that capture their imagination.
  • Tap into kid's imaginations when you share Bible stories. 
  • Let kids use their imaginations to discuss situations where they can live out the lesson.
  • Give kids opportunities to use their creative imagination through crafts, activities, games, etc.
It shows characters facing challenges and overcoming struggles.
  • Show how characters in the Bible faced challenges and overcame struggles.
  • Show kids how they can personally face challenges and overcome struggles through Christ.
Makes them feel empowered.  Kids often don't feel powerful.  They are always being told what they can and cannot do.  When they do have opportunities to be in control, they get excited.  Ever seen a kid wag his or her finger like Elsa while singing, "Let it Go?"  It's all about empowerment.
  • Give kids choices during the service.  Let them choose between activities, help pick which songs will be sung next weekend, choose which group they want to be part of, etc.
  • Teach kids how the Holy Spirit can empower them to accomplish anything God asks them to do.
It is done with excellence.  The movie is in line with the high standard of excellence that Disney sets for it's productions.
  • You may not have the budget that Disney does, but do the very best with what God has given you.  
  • Don't fall into the mentality of "it's just for the kids, they won't notice."  Do everything with excellence.
  • Pay attention to the details.  Small details done well add up to an excellent production.
What are some other reasons kids like Frozen?  What ideas have you taken and used from Frozen?  Share with us in the comment section below.