The 2 Letter Word That Will Make You a Better KidMin Leader

There's a small word that makes a big impact when you use it as a leader.

The word is "we."  You see,  the pronouns you use as a leader reflect the focus of your attention.

A leader who constantly uses words like "I" or "me" or "my" is focusing their thoughts, feelings and behaviors inward.
Often this comes from feelings of insecurity or narcissism.

By contrast, a leader who uses words like "we" or "us" is focusing their thoughts, behaviors and feelings on others.  And this is what great leaders do. 

If you'll be intentional about using the word "we" in conversations, meetings, vision casting, lessons and other leadership situations, you'll find people will connect with you and follow your leadership better.

The word "we" is a small but very potent leadership word.  We = team.