One of the Best Children's Ministry Talks You'll Ever Hear....And You Won't Believe Who Gave It

We're in the process of purchasing a building for a new campus.  The building is owned by the city, so the city council had to vote to accept our proposal.  As with any city council process, citizens were allowed to share their views about whether or not we should be allowed to purchase the building.

Anytime you have an open forum, you never know who will show up to oppose your project or what they will say.  Such was the case on the night of the final vote.  When a man approached the podium, we didn't know who he was or what he would say.

But as he started to speak, our hearts began to fill with joy.  He proceeded to share one of the best talks I have ever heard about the importance of children's ministry and how God blesses a church when it makes children's ministry a priority.

This man is not a children's pastor...not a volunteer who was given lines to say...not a person who has been to a children's ministry conference...not a man who subscribes to children's ministry magazine....but he gets children's ministry....I mean...really gets it.

Listen to his words and be reminded of how important children's ministry encouraged...and be challenged to give your all to help reach the next generation (his talk is the first 3 min. of the video).