How to Sign Up Lots of New Volunteers in One Weekend

This past weekend, we signed up lots of new volunteers.  How did we do it?

First, we decided to honor all our current volunteers.  There were several ways we did this.

We put up "thank you signs" across the campuses.

We also gave each volunteer an appreciation gift.  In addition, we recognized volunteers during the worship service.

Secondly, the Pastor talked about the value of serving.  When you're intentional about creating a church-wide culture of volunteerism, people will grasp the importance and jump in.

Thirdly, we invited people to begin serving.  We had areas set up across the campuses where people could stop and sign-up.  Staff and volunteers were there inviting people to join a serving team.

Lots of people said, "Yes...I'm ready to start serving."

This week, we will follow up with the people who signed up and help them take their next step.

People are willing to serve.  They are simply waiting for you to make the ask.