The 10 Commandments of Children's Ministry

1. Thou shalt not make the church janitor mad by overflowing the trash can with empty pizza boxes at thy event.

2.  Thou shall not yell at parents who arrive 1 hour late to pick up their child.

3.  Thou shall not curse under thy breath when the cashier at Wal-Mart  jokes about the 50 boxes of crayons thou art buying.

4. Thou shall not covet the adult ministries' budget.

5. Honor thy volunteers.

6. Thou shall not release a child to parents who don't have a security tag...even if the parents are Brad and Angelina.

7. Remember to test thy object lessons ahead of time lest thou experience an epic fail in front of the kids.

8. Thou shalt spell check thy correspondence pieces that thou sendeth to parents and volunteers lest they perceive you to be incompetent. 

9. Thou shalt update thy ministry on a regular basis lest thou become outdated and stuck in flannelgraph land.

10. Do not leave stinky diapers in the nursery lest a foul odor overtake the atmosphere and drive families away.

Your turn...add to the fun.  Share some more commandments in the comment section below.