4 Easy Ways to Build Relationships with Kids

What keeps kids coming back to church?  What makes the biggest impact in a kid's life?  What is the key to helping disciple kids?


Building relationships with the kids God has called you to reach is one of the most important things you can do.  Here's 4 easy ways.

1. Say "Hi!" 
This may sound simple, but it's effective.  There are kids who go through an entire service without a single adult speaking to them.

This is especially true for kids who are quiet.  You know...the kid who sits alone or is out on the edge of the group.  Just a friendly "hi" can make a difference.

2. Talk with them.  Talk to kids about their world.  What's their favorite movie?  What did they do this week?  How's school going?  What's their favorite sport's team?  What's going on in their life?  

3. Get involved in their activities.
Rather than standing in the back texting before service,  get involved and play games with kids, do activities with kids, etc.  Don't just watch kids have fun, have fun with them.  When you take an interest in their activities, you'll make a connection with them.

4. Become real.  When you talk with kids and get involved in their lives, you become a real person that they will look up to and care about.  You become not just a "teacher" ...but a friend.  Kids will listen to someone who is their friend.  Kids will participate with someone who is their friend.  Kids will come back to church to see someone who is their friend.

It's not about cool buildings...it's not about big budgets...it's not about great programming...it's not about awesome videos...it's about relationships.

The floor is yours.  What are some other easy ways to build relationships with kids?  Share with us in the comment section below.