The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry (Review & Book Giveaway)

The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry is a brand new, groundbreaking book from our friends at Awana.

They talked with more than 1,000 decision makers in children’s ministry around the U.S. about the joys and challenges of reaching kids for Christ in a rapidly changing culture.  This compelling book covers 10 of the most important research findings.

As a student of the culture and the most crucial aspects of Children's Ministry, this book opened my eyes to some new realizations and really got me thinking about these and other questions.
  • What are the keys to seeing kids become lifelong disciples? 
  • How do we engage parents more effectively?
  • How do we meet digital natives where they are?
  • What key elements make a curriculum effective?  What should we be looking for in a curriculum?
If you're tired of reading empty stats that take you nowhere...then this book is for you.  It takes you below the surface and reveals the "why's" beneath the stats. 

You can order the book at this link.  But don't just order one copy.  Order a copy for everyone on your staff / key volunteer team.  Read it together and dive into the questions each chapter will generate.  As you grapple with these questions and work through the solutions, your ministry will be changed.

I am also giving away 2 copies of the book to our readers.  You can enter the drawing by emailing me at  I will announce the winner right here next Monday, June 29th.