Charlie Charlie Game...Is It Dangerous?

There's a "game" that's exploding across the internet.  It's called "Charlie Charlie" and it blew up Memorial Day weekend, amassing hundreds of thousands of tweets.  Look up #CharlieCharlie on Instagram and you'll see over 50,000 results...most are videos of people playing the "game."

What is the Charlie Charlie game?  You draw an X on a piece of paper, label its quadrants "yes" and "no" and lay two pencils over the lines of the X you drew.  You then say "Charlie Charlie, are you there?"  This is supposed to summon a demon named "Charlie" who comes and moves the pencil to answer your questions.

Here's a video of someone playing the game.

Is this a harmless game?  Is it okay for kids to play?  While I am not one to see a demon lurking behind every corner, I do believe this is a dangerous game and kids should be warned to steer clear.  Anytime you open the door to demonic influence, you're treading on dangerous ground.

Let's teach kids that as followers of Jesus, we're on the winning side.  We're to passionately pursue Him and have no fellowship with the works of darkness.  Bottom line...why try to contact the enemy whose goal is to kill, steal and destroy?