10 Ways to Increase Your Leadership Equity With Your Pastor

Do you want to increase your leadership equity with your Pastor?

Here's 10 things you can do that will have him smiling when he reviews your leadership.

Make his vision your vision.  God has called your Pastor to lead the church and has placed a vision in his heart.  Your job is not to create another vision, it's to take your Pastor's vision and translate it into the children's ministry.  Let him know you're "all in" with his vision and will lead the children's ministry to help fulfill it.

Know what his expectations are and exceed them.  Ask him what his expectations are for the children's ministry.  What does success look like?  What is important to him?  What does he want you to focus on?  Let his answers become your to do list.

Keep him updated on what he needs to know.  Ask him what stats, attendances, vitals, etc. he wants to know about and send him a weekly report with this information.  Also if any issues arise, let him know so he's not caught off guard by it.  

Have his back.  Be loyal.  Always speak positively about him to others.  If complainers or disgruntled people try to talk negatively about him to you, don't give them a hearing.

Share the praise reports with him.  A new family has a great experience?  A child comes to Christ?  A volunteer makes an impact?  Someone is baptized?  You have a great high weekend attendance?  Include it in the report mentioned above.

Encourage him.  Instead of depending on him to encourage you...encourage him.  Pray for him, speak words of encouragement to him and brag on him to others.

Love on his kids.
  It's not easy being a P.K.  His kids live in a glass bowl.  Encourage them and be a blessing to them. 

Bear fruit.  Reach kids.  Reach parents.  Grow the ministry.  Build a solid volunteer team.  Nothing will raise your value more than bearing fruit.

When you bring problems...bring solutions.  Don't just bring problems...anyone can do that.  Bring 2-3 possible solutions with the problem.

Go the second mile.  Don't just do enough to get by.  Work hard.  Go above and beyond.

Your turn.  What are some other ways to increase your leadership equity with your Pastor?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.