An Easy Way to Add a "Wow" Factor to Your Children's Ministry

Looking for ways to not just meet, but exceed the expectations of the families who walk through the doors of your children's ministry?

Here's a simple way to add a "wow" factor that will have families singing your praises.

Occasionally surprise them by having treats for them as they are coming out of the worship service. 

It can be cookies, ice cream, hot chocolate, hot dogs, candy, lemonade, etc. 

Remember the feeling you get when you walk into a hotel or other place of business and you are pleasantly surprised by the freshly baked cookies they have waiting for you?  It sets them apart from other businesses and makes you want to return.  That's the same feeling families will get when you do this at church.

Disney is a great example of this.  They consistently find ways to "wow" their guests.  Recently, they celebrated the 60th anniversary of Disneyland.  They surprised all the guests in the park with cupcakes.

We surprised families this past weekend with ice cream coming out of our last service.  There were smiles everywhere.

"Wow" new families and they will be back.  The ability to provide "wow" factors is a key to seeing your ministry grow exponentially.