7 Keys to Developing Volunteers into Leaders

Enlisting a volunteer to serve on your team is just the beginning.  From there we should go on a journey with them to help them grow in their faith, ministry skills and leadership.
Our calling is not to use volunteers to build the ministry.  Our calling is to use the ministry to build volunteers. [tweet this]
As you build volunteers into leaders, they will be empowered to lead other volunteers and expand the ministry.

Here are 7 keys to seeing this happen.

Key #1 - Help volunteers discover their gifts.  When you help volunteers operate in their areas of gifting, they will gain confidence and flourish.  In this post, I share the questions we ask our volunteers to help them find their sweet spot. (areas of gifting)

Key #2 - Give them clear goals.  If you want your volunteers to grow into leaders, give them clear goals that will take them there.  This includes knowing what the wins are for their current area of service and growth steps to more leadership responsibility.

Key #3 - Pour into them.  Be the person that places the tools in their hands that will help them become leaders.  This includes mentoring, providing feedback, leadership materials and other growth opportunities.

Key #4 - Inspire them.  Many people don't think they have the ability to lead.  Help them see what they don't see in themselves.

Key #5 - Call them up.  As you see potential and faithfulness in volunteers, talk with them individually about taking on more leadership.  

Key #6 - Provide a leadership pathway.  Think of it as creating volunteer career pathways.  Here's an example.  Someone starts out as a helper in a preschool room.  Their next step would be leading a preschool room.  The next step after that could be overseeing three preschool rooms.  Their next step could then be overseeing an entire area.  Make sure your volunteers know the pathways that are available for them.

Key #7 - Let them lead.  Micro-managers and control freaks don't produce leaders.  If you aren't willing to get out of the way and let volunteers lead, you will have volunteers, but not leaders, and the ministry will be capped.

You are a leader because someone saw potential in you, believed in you, poured into you and gave you the opportunity to lead.  Be that person for your volunteers.
Success in ministry is not what you do.  It's what you empower others to do. [tweet this]