An Inside Look at Wacky World Studios (Creators of Amazing Children's Ministry Spaces)

I first met Bruce Barry, the founder of Wacky World Studios, in 1998.  I'd been given the green light to theme out the children's area at church and was looking for someone who could think outside the church box and create something that would get kids excited about coming.  God led us to Bruce Barry.  He came and built the first animated children's worship area in the country.

I knew the first time I met Bruce that God was up to something and had special plans for him.  I had the joy of being in the room when he stepped across the line of faith and gave his life to Christ.  A few days later, we had the joy of baptizing he and his precious wife, Vivian.

Soon word spread of the creative genius that God has gifted Bruce with.  Churches from across the country asked him to come and design their children's area.  17 years later, he and the amazing team at Wacky World studios continue to be the premiere designer of children's ministry spaces across the country.

Our church uses Wacky World for many of our projects.  In this post, you can see their work in our Boynton Beach campus.  They are currently finishing up the theming in our newest campus.  I will post pictures in the coming weeks of this.

Now that I live in Florida, I am able to visit Bruce and his team at Wacky World studios more often.  Here are some pictures I took a few weeks ago that will give you a behind the scenes look at where they create amazing environments for children's ministries.

The physical space your ministry meets in is important.  A great children's ministry space can bring excitement, energy and growth.  If you are looking for someone to theme for you, Wacky World is the team to call.  You can reach them at