How to Fall Back in Love with Children's Ministry

Have you lost your love for children's ministry?  Just going through the motions?

What used to be a delight is now a drudgery?  What used to be an inspiration is now uninspiring?  What used to exciting is now exhausting? 

Now's not the time to quit!  Here's how to fall back in love with the ministry God has called you to.

Acknowledge it.  We all fall into ruts at times.  The first step to getting out of the rut is to admit you're in it.   

Make a list of what brought you joy in the past.  Was it the joy of simply serving others?  Seeing the kids "get it" as you taught them?  Knowing you were making an impact in a kid's life?  The smile of a child as they ran toward you...calling your name?  Seeing a child step across the line of faith?  Seeing kids growing in their faith?

Just taking time to make this list will stir your love for children's ministry.

Make sure you're doing what you love.  Did you get placed in a new role that doesn't fit your gift mix?  Did you step into a leadership role, but miss working directly with the kids?  When you're in your sweet spot, the natural result will be to love what you're doing.  If you're NOT in your sweet spot, it will eventually become drudgery.

Challenge yourself.  Perhaps the opposite is true.  Perhaps you've been in your current role for a long time and you need a new challenge.  Maybe you've been helping and you're ready to step up and teach.  Maybe you've been leading a group of kids, but God is nudging you to step up and lead the volunteers who lead the kids.  Maybe you've been overseeing a nursery room, but now God is nudging you to oversee the entire nursery hallway.

Your waning love for what you're currently doing could be God prompting you to do even more for Him.

Hang around new volunteers and other passionate people.  New volunteers can breathe the energy and excitement you felt when you first started serving back into your life.  Find people who are passionate about children's ministry and hang around them.  They will reignite your passion. 

The natural tendency of a fire is to go out.  You have to stir it and add wood if you want to keep it burning.  Don't let your love for children's ministry go out.  Stir it up!  Add some wood to it!  Keep it burning bright!