5 Things Kids Need From Your Children's Ministry

What do the kids who walk through the doors of your church need?  Here's five key things to focus on.  If you can give kids these five things, you'll see their lives impacted.

Kids need to be known.  They need to hear their name spoken.  They need to be asked how their week went.  They need to be missed when they are absent.  They need relationship. 

Kids need to hear God's Word.  If their faith is going to grow, they must hear the Word of God taught in an engaging, relevant way.  Romans 10;17 tells us that, "Faith comes by hearing and the message is heard through the Word."  Kids need the Word embedded in their long term memory and be taught how to apply it to their life.

Kids need their parents to be equipped to lead them spiritually.  Kids need a ministry that will be intentional about providing their parents with spiritual growth tools and resources.  Kids need a ministry that will partner with their parents to celebrate their spiritual journey.

Kids need the investment and example of a godly leader.  Kids need a leader who will care about them, pray with them, teach them and show them what it means to follow Jesus.  One godly leader can make the difference in a child's life.

Kids need to have fun.  Kids need a place where they can laugh, giggle, play games, move around and talk.  Kids need a place where they will be able to answer "Yes" when their parents pick them up and ask those famous words, "Did you have fun today?"

Take a look at your ministry.  Are you providing kids with these 5 things?  How can you do a better job?  What do you need to start doing?  What do you need to change or do differently?