A Barbie That Talks With Kids About God? It's Coming

Barbie is soon going to be talking with kids.  Mattel has teamed up with ToyTalk to turn the plastic toy into a girl with a personality and conversational abilities.  The planned release date is November 2015.

Talking Barbie will have more than 8,000 lines of dialogue at her disposal that have been planned out according to conversations the company thinks kids might have with the doll.

And with advanced technology, Barbie will also be able to remember information from previous conversations to bring up later.

Some are showing concern, saying children can't distinguish between artificial intellengence and actual human life as well as adults can.  Professor Peter Kahn said, "In small doses, it just doesn't matter, of course...but the way the world is going, these are not just going to become small, isolated technologies in a child's life.  They will become a pervasive form of interaction."

One of the questions kids may ask is "Do you believe in God?"  The planned response from Barbie may be, "I think a person's beliefs are very personal to them."

This is a great reminder of how important it is to equip parents to have spiritual conversations with their kids.  God has called parents to lead their children spiritually...not Barbie!