Turning Like into Share

How do you see kids and families in your church who "like" the ministry begin "sharing" about the ministry with their family, friends, co-workers, schoolmates and teammates?

FIRST - CREATE A SHARE CULTURE.  Cultures don't happen by accident, they are intentionally created.  This can be done by keeping a focus on outreach.  Regularly teach about Jesus' heart to seek and save those who are lost.
Each week, we talk to the kids about inviting their unchurched friends.  We have an empty chair up front that we use as a visual reminder and talking point.
SECOND - PROVIDE SHARE OPPORTUNITIES.  Identify special times that are great invite opportunities.  Easter, Christmas, Fall Festivals and other days and events like this are great opportunities for people to invite others.

This past weekend, we had a special emphasis and encouraged our kids to invite their unchurched friends.  They responded and brought over 100 friends who had never been to our church before. 

THIRD - PROVIDE SHARE TOOLS.  This can be as simple as providing them with invite cards.  We have found if you make these available, kids and families will use them.

This past Easter, we had a lady come to our church for the first time.  When we asked how she heard about the church, she told us she's a crossing guard at a local elementary school.  While waiting to cross, some of our kids had given her an invite card and invited her to come.

FOURTH - BE A SPIRITUAL HOSPITAL.  When the kids and families in your church know it's a place they can bring others to get help, they will bring them.  I'm thinking now of a family who recently came and stepped across the line of faith.  The backstory....the mother found out she has cancer.  One of the parents in our church works with her.  He invited her to come because he knew the lady could find prayer and help if she came.

The church is supposed to be a spiritual hospital where people can find help...not a museum where perfect Christians are on display.  Be a hospital and people will bring their friends who are hurting spiritually.

FIFTH - TELL THE STORIES.  Tell the stories of lives that have been changed because someone shared with them and brought them.  This will inspire others to begin sharing and inviting as well.

In the last 9 months, we've had over 3,400 first-time families sign-in at church.  The vast, vast majority of them came because another family in our church personally shared with them and invited them to come.
Turn the families who "like" your church into families who "share" about your church and you'll see lives changed and exponential growth.