5 Keys to Seeing Parents Engage in Their Child's Spiritual Growth

In a recent article, we shared that only 20% of parents are actually engaged in their child's spiritual growth.  This is based on the assumption that it parallels parent's involvement in their child's academic growth at school.

Here are the percentages of engaged parents.
  • 20% engaged
  • 57% indifferent
  • 23% disengaged 
Let's look at 5 more keys to engaging parents in their child's spiritual growth and seeing the 20% increase in your ministry.  These are based on another study that asked parents what would motivate them to get more involved.

Key #1 - Leadership
Parents are looking for leaders who are in touch with the needs of their family and can provide them with helpful pathways and resources.  How can you find out what those needs are?  Ask them.  One way to do this is to regularly host a parent focus group.  You can get more information about this here.

Key #2 - Commitment to Teaching God's Word
Parents are seeking churches that are committed to teaching their children God's Word.  They want their children to be challenged to grow spiritually.  When parents see their child is excited about what they learned at church, they're be more likely to engage with them at homeThink about ways you can more effectively communicate with parents what their child is learning.

Key #3 - Safety and Security
Seems an odd one for this list, doesn't it?  But in an era when 30% of parents worry about their child's safety, parents are focused on this.  Parents are more likely to engage when they feel confident their child is safe and secure in the environment.  Think about ways you can more effectively communicate and demonstrate the safety and security measures you have in place.

Key #4 - Personal Relationships
Parents are looking for a children's ministry where the staff and volunteers know their child individually.  When a child is connected to a caring leader who knows them personally, not only does the child become more engaged, but the parents as well.  Cast vision with your volunteers about this.  Help them see the vital role they play in engaging parents and provide them with pathways to do this.

Key #5 - Communication
Communication must move beyond an occasional email or newsletter.  Parents want meaningful communication.  They are looking for feedback about their child.  Feedback that invites them to become actively involved in the child's spiritual growth.  Think of ways you can provide parents with a "spiritual report card" so-to-speak for their child.
Research shows when you do at least 1 of these 5 keys well, 58% of parents become fully engaged.  When you do all 5 well, 84% of parents become fully engaged.  Consider each of these keys, work to improve them in your ministry and you will see an increased percentage of parents engaged in their child's spiritual growth.