10 Ways Pastors Can Support Their Children's Ministry

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently created a Pastor's tool kit for children's ministry.  Another tool the kit includes is 10 ways Pastors can support their children's ministry.

I can promise you that your Pastor wants to do his or her best to support the children's ministry.  This tool can provide him or her with some practical ways to do this. 

My prayer is this will make its way into the hands of pastors across the country and world.

Here's the 10 ways... 

  1. Help shepherd the spiritual and emotional health of your children's ministry staff. 
  2. Help your children's ministry staff grow as leaders.
  3. Meet with your children's ministry director at least once a month.
  4. Encourage people to serve in children's ministry.
  5. Encourage the people who serve in children's ministry.
  6. Encourage families to get their kids involved in children's ministry.
  7. Visit the children's ministry environments at least once a quarter and offer feedback, insight and ideas.
  8. Be present at family events such as child dedications, baptisms, etc. and celebrate with families.
  9. Rally the church to support big children's ministry events such as camps, fall festivals, etc.
  10. Help your children's ministry director identify and remove growth barriers.