A Great Way to Get Kids Involved in Serving

One of the keys to seeing kids grow up to love Jesus is getting them involved in serving others.  Recently, we implemented a new strategy that's an easy way to get kids serving on a weekly basis.  We call it Project Serve.  Here's how it works.

Connect with an outreach / missions ministry and secure a project.  The easiest way is to connect with an existing missions project at your church.  The project should be something simple that can be done at the church.

Get kids excited about the project.  Announce the project and get kids excited about getting involved.

Do the project during the pre-service time.   Encourage kids to come early and participate in the project.  See some examples below.

Report back to the kids about the project.  This shows the kids how they made an impact.  See some examples below.

Kids made cards for local fireman and policeman.  They were later delivered by groups of kids.
Making Christmas cards that will go with gifts for people in need.

Girl in Hatti wearing bracelet our kids made for her.
Kids putting together supplies for people in need.
Christmas cards for soldiers.
Girl in Hatti wearing bracelet the girl in the picture made.
Boy in Hatti with shoes we donated.