Help Your Volunteers Avoid Burnout

Do you have volunteers who are on the edge of burning out?  You can see it in their eyes but are not quite sure what to do.

Here's some practical ways to help your volunteers avoid burnout.

Make sure they are serving in their sweet spot.  Make sure they are in a role that syncs with their gifts, personality and passion.
When someone is not in their sweet spot, serving becomes drudgery.  When someone is in their sweet spot, serving becomes a delight. 
Model balance.  Show your volunteers what balance is.  Here's an example.  As the children's ministry leader, make sure you are attending an adult service each week.  This models for your volunteers that they must be fed themselves in order to be able to feed others.

Encourage them to take time off.  Encourage them to occasionally take a weekend off.  Give them a few back-to-back weekends off during the summer months.

Keep them focused on one area of responsibility.  Zealous volunteers will be take on as many responsibilities as you will give them and serve in other ministries simultaneously.  Avold asking them to stay over and serve for extra services as well.

Provide regular care and support.  Care and support will significantly improve volunteer performance, engagement and retention.  Listening to, showing compassion and supporting your volunteers is one of the best ways to help them avoid burnout.

Your turn.  The floor is yours.  How do you help volunteers avoid burnout?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.