10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a New Children's Ministry Position

If you're in vocational ministry or considering it, you'll have times when you're thinking about accepting a new ministry position.

Before you say "yes" here are 10 questions you should ask yourself. 

Is this a good thing or a God thing?  First and foremost, you want to know that God is leading you to this new role.  There are lots of good opportunities...but that's not what you should be looking for.  You need confirmation from God that this is His next step for your life.  This comes through prayer and fasting. 

Is my family behind the decision?  If you're married, your spouse should be in agreement with you.  If God wants you in this role, He will give your spouse peace about it as well.

Am I passionate about this?  The thought of stepping into this role should make your heart beat faster.  It should be something you're ready to pour yourself into heart and soul.

Would I attend this church if I weren't on staff?  This is a biggie.  If the answer is "no" then don't accept the position.  You're not just accepting a position...you're accepting the church as a whole.

Can I line up with the vision of the ministry?  Is the vision and direction of the church something you can follow?  You should not be coming in with your own vision.  Your job is to take the vision of the senior pastor and leadership and translate it into the children's ministry.  This is why it is so critical that you believe wholeheartedly in the vision of the church as set by the senior leadership.

Will this position challenge me?  Will this new position grow you?  Will it stretch you?  Will it take you out of your comfort zone?  If you're a leader who wants to grow and you move into a role where you're not challenged to grow, you will become frustrated and want to leave.  Bottom line... if it can't help you grow...then don't go. 

Do I like the people?  You're going to be doing life and ministry with these people.  They should be someone you like and enjoy spending time with.

Am I a fit for the church culture?  Culture is not just what a church does, but how they do it.  It's the values and principles by which they live.  Can you immerse yourself into the culture and be happy?  Can you keep up with the pace or is the pace too slow for you?  Do you like the culture of the area in which the church is located?

Do I clearly understand the expectations?  Have they clearly outlined what is expected?  Do you know what success looks like for this position?  Are you confident you can meet those expectations?

Can I provide for my family financially?  No one goes into a ministry role to make money.  It's a calling...not a career.  But at the same time, you have to provide for your family if you are the primary breadwinner.  It's Biblical.  Can you do this in this role?  If you're constantly worried about making ends and putting food on the table, it will be harder to focus on the position.

Your turn.  What other questions should you ask yourself before accepting a new ministry position?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.