A Simple Step That Will Set You Apart as a Leader

Over the years, I've noticed a simple step that sets great leaders apart.  Whether it's a pastor or children's director or administrative assistant or you name the role...there's something they do that enables them to get things done.

It seems so simple you'd think everyone does it...but they don't.  

Here it is - THEY WRITE IT DOWN. 

Whether they are given a task or agree to take on an assignment or make a promise or say they'll follow up on something...THEY STOP RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND MAKE THEMSELVES A NOTE ABOUT IT. 

Countless times, I have watched people be given a verbal assignment and not write it down.  Sure enough...they forget and it doesn't get done.  Countless times, I have seen someone promise a volunteer or co-worker that they'd take care of something and not write it down.  And later, when the person asks them about it, they embarrassingly say, "Oh...sorry...I forgot."  That's what average leaders do.

But if you want to be an extraordinary leader...if you want to be a leader that people know they can count on...if you want to be a leader that gets stuff done...then do the following.

1. Never trust your memory.
2. Always write it down.  Immediately.
3. Turn your notes into a prioritized task list.
4. Get it done.

Write things down...this one simple step will set you apart as a leader!