Apr 12, 2016

Marriage Matters

An increasing number of children are being raised in single-parent homes.  Since 2009, over 40% of babies are born outside of marriage.  Half of all children born to mothers under 30 are born to unmarried women. 

But data shows that families with married parents have lower poverty rates and children raised in a married household have a better opportunity to flourish.

Marriage Matters.  It is the most reliable way for children to get what they need most: two consistent and engaged parents.

In a day when marriage is being undermined in so many ways, churches must continue to champion marriage and emphasize that it is God's blueprint for family structure.  God's blueprint is the best way to build a home that will produce healthy, well-balanced children.

What are you doing to champion marriage in your ministry?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


Absolutely agree with marriage matters! One of the ways we are going to cut the divorce rate and the cohabiting relationships is do more on marriage matters initiatives. We need to be training our church leaders to host marriage seminars and to do a better job on premarital counseling. If either of the partners getting married are from divorce homes, they need a different type of pre marital counseling. For the most part people who were raised in a divorced home will divorce themselves unless there has issues have been addressed.

Thanks Dale. Didn't mean to write another blog post in the comments. I'm just passionate about this issue. :)

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