Top Things Kids Like in Books

In their annual report, Scholastic shared what kids want in books.  The findings provide key insights that children's ministry leaders should take note of as we look for ways to effectively communicate God's Word to kids.

Here are the top things that kids look for and connect with in books.

HUMOR.  70% of kids want books that make them laugh.

IMAGINATION.  54% of kids like books that let them use their imaginations.

MADE-UP STORY.  48% of kids like made-up stories.  Better yet...we have true stories that are even better than made-up stories.

SMART, BRAVE OR STRONG CHARACTERS THEY WANT TO BE LIKE.  43% of kids like reading about characters they want to be like.

TEACHES THEM SOMETHING NEW.  43% of kids like to read books that teach them something new.

A MYSTERY OR PROBLEM TO SOLVE.  41% like a mystery or problem they have to solve.

Want to see kids more engaged with your lessons?  73% of kids in the survey said they would read more if they could find books that incorporated the above elements.  The same thing applies to your lessons.  Bring these elements into your lesson experience and you will see kids excited about coming to your children's ministry.