A Big Reason Your Church Should Make Children's Ministry a Priority

Children's Ministry brings life, families and growth. 

The secular world understands this.  Companies like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Hulu have recently made children's programming a major focus.  Netflix has already launched 20 kid and family originals this year and has 15 more coming.  Amazon has produced as many original kids' shows as it has comedies and twice the number of dramas.  HBO recently struck a deal for the iconic show "Sesame Street."

These companies are making these big investments because they know parents will keep subscribing when their kids are engaged.  Amazon's VP of digital video, Michael Paull, told Business Insider that "once your child is a huge fan of program, it's relatively harder to cancel the service."

Churches must understand this if they want to reach their communities.  The best way to reach families is through children's ministry.  The way to a parent's heart is through their child.  

I was reminded of this recently when one of our campus pastors was sharing something with me.  His campus has a video feed for the message each week.  Many families have told him that they prefer a live message, but the reason they keep coming is because their kids love the children's ministry. 

Churches that make children's ministry a priority will reap the benefits many times over.  Let's keep championing children's ministry!