6 Things You Need to Know About Millennial Volunteers

The Millennials.  They are the 18-35 year olds that are changing the world.  And if you want them to serve in your ministry, you need to know what makes them tick.  Recently, Gallup released some critical information about Millennials that will help you know how to lead them more effectively.

1.  Millennials want a purpose to serve for.  They want to serve in organizations that have a mission...a cause...a purpose.

If you want them to serve in your ministry, then you need a clear, compelling purpose.  Invite them to a purpose...not a position.  Millennials will be drawn to your WHY more than your WHAT.

2. Millennials want to be developed as leaders.  They are looking for opportunities to grow and develop the gifts, talents and passions God has placed in them.  If you create a leadership development culture, you will attract Millennials.

3. Millennials are looking for a coach.  They are not going to follow title alone.  They are going to follow someone who will value them as a person and invest in them.  They are looking for someone who can help them understand and build their gifts and talents.

4. Millennials want real-time feedback.  Their primary means of communication is through texting, tweeting, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.  All of these forms of communication are real-time and continuous.  This is what they are accustomed to and it translates into how they want you to help them grow.  They desire constant, real-time communication and feedback.

5. Millennials don't want to fix their weaknesses...they want to develop their strengths.  Research has shown that weaknesses never develop into strengths, while strengths can develop infinitely.  This means if you want to keep Millennial volunteers, it's critical that you place them in their area of giftedness.  Simply put...don't place them where you need them...place them where they need to be.  Help them find their sweet spot and help them continually grow and thrive in that area.  

6.  Millennials will give their life to something if they believe it in.  When Millennials find a place where they are valued and given ongoing opportunities to grow, they will give their life to it.  When they find something worth committing to, they will be jump in and give their best to it.

Here's some questions to work through coming out of this article.  I would encourage you to sit down with your team and talk through these.

1. Is our purpose clearly stated and expressed?  Do Millennials know why we do what we do?  Are we inviting them to a purpose or a position?  How can we improve in this?

2.  Are we developing Millennials as leaders?  How are we investing in them?  How can we do a better job of this?

3.  Do our Millennial volunteers see us as a coach or commander?  How can we do a better job of offering them coaching?

4.  Do we provide real-time feedback and communication?  How can we get better at this?

5.  Are we placing Millennials in their areas of giftedness?  How can we ensure we are doing this?

6.  How engaged are our Millennial volunteers?  Are they "all in?"  Are we providing them with something they feel is worth giving their life to?  How can we improve this?