10 Ways to Stay Relevant with Today's Kids

Childhood has changed since you were a child.  Today's kids live in a world that is far different than the world you lived in as a kid.

Unless you have preschool or elementary-aged kids of your own, it takes intentionality to stay relevant with kids.  Here's 10 ways you can stay relevant with the kids you are ministering to.

1. Ask kids directly what they like.  Going directly to the source is the best place to start.  A great way to do this is through a kids' focus group.  More about that here.

2. Stop by their TV channels.  Make it a habit to stop by channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nick Jr., Sprout, and more.  The programming will give you a look inside today's kid culture. 

3. Go into the toy section when you are shopping.  Make a detour by the toy aisle and check out the toys.  This help you see what kids like.

4. Keep up with what's hot at the theater.  What movies are bringing in the dollars at the box office?  What are the top family friendly movies that are playing?

5. See what's trending on Netflix and Amazon.  Both of these services list what movies are currently the most popular.  This will give you insight into what is trending with kids.

6. Check out which kids' apps are the most popular.  A list of what apps are the most popular with kids will give you an inside look at what they like.

7. Check out the top kids' websites.  Do a Google search and find out which kids' websites are the most visited.  Then look at the websites to see what's relevant with kids.

8. See which YouTube channels are the most popular with kids.  Four of the five most popular channels are currently aimed at children, and they racked up nearly 1.5 billion views between them in a month.

9. See which songs are most popular on iTunes.  This will show you who and what kids are listening to.

10. Check out which books are bestsellers for kids.  In a recent post, I shared the tops things kids like in books.

If you'll stay relevant with kids, it will give you the ability to engage them in conversation, connect with them and show them that you care about their world.  And when this happens, it will open their heart to receive what God wants to speak into their life through you.

Your turn.  The floor is yours.  What are some other ways you stay relevant with kids?  Share your thoughts and ideas with everyone in the comment section below.