Why I Serve In Children's Ministry

I serve in children's ministry because...
  • God called me to minister to children and families. 
  • Children are the greatest mission field.
  • Children are the most receptive to God's Word.
  • I can encourage and equip parents to invest in their children spiritually.
  • Children's ministry was important to Jesus when He was here on earth.
  • Children can serve God for a lifetime.
  • I can help kids avoid the pain of sinful choices they would have made if we hadn't reached them.
  • The early years lay the foundation for a person's entire life. 
  • I get to serve with amazing volunteers. 
  • I get to help volunteers discover their gifts and talents and use them for God's glory. 
  • I get to invest in volunteers and help disciple them. 
  • I get to be part of a volunteer family that serves together, does life together and grows together.
  • I get to watch kids grow up and serve Jesus as adults.
  • I get to help kids grow in their relationship with Jesus. 
  • I get to be a big kid. 
  • Kids are the future.  
 Why do you serve in children's ministry?  Share a reason(s) in the comment section below.