Is Your Ministry Boxed In? Here's How to Bust Out

Do you feel like your ministry has been boxed in?  That you're being constrained and the ministry is being held back from getting to the next level?

If you're boxed's how to bust out.

#1 - Bust out of the box of the past by being willing to change.  Here's the interesting thing.  What used to be "outside the box" eventually becomes "inside the box."  Past successes, traditions, ideas and attitudes will eventually box you in if you are not willing to change.  Look closely at ministries that are in decline and you will see this is usually the root cause.  You must be willing to let go of what is obsolete. 

To sum it up...
If you are unwilling to let go of the past, you will become boxed in by the past. (tweet this) 

#2 - Bust of the box of the past by being generating new ideas, methods and approaches.  #1 creates a culture that enables #2 to happen.  A culture where questions are encouraged.  A culture where new ideas are welcomed.  A culture where taking risks and trying something new is the norm.  A culture where innovation is valued more than tradition.  

#3 - Bust out of the box by staying hungry.  Help your team understand that busting out of the box is critical for the future.  Be thankful for what God has done in the past but always look to the future.  Never settle for the status-quo.  Don't settle for pursuing yesterday's agenda.

In summary, if you want to bust out of the box, then be willing to let go of what doesn't work and purposely create what will.  So what are you waiting for?  Your next level of ministry is waiting for you...just outside the box you're sitting in.